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Business Publication was founded in 1995, it played very crucial role in developing decorative stone business. It plays an important role to establish stone business in world market. For this publication, we brought all mine owners, processors, traders, exporters together and unite them.

We have successfully published six editions of this publication so far. In first edition we have described about the marble trade, in second edition we have introduced all marbles, granites, sand stones, katni stone, Italian marble etc. In third edition we have desdescribed about the world famous marble ( Makrana stone ). After that in fourth, fifth & sixth editions, we described about Indian stones , like katni stone, jaisalmer stone, bidsar stone, cheethar of jodhpur and ew included Italian marble also. On these editions, we have included all information about stone field as a market contact. We have also mentioned about the trading of granites, marbles and all kinds of stones on these editions.

We tried our best to tell about the processing of stones, machineries, equipments and the market of stone trading. Besides these diamond tools, segments and abrasive are also described separately. Then we have done on best effort to make this directory useful by including all metropolitan cities and important places in the country. We have tried our best to be careful in making these directories so that no mistake has been done.

We will be grateful to you, if send your valuable suggestions, advises and response so that we could improve our next edition. We are also grateful to all those businessmen and colleagues, who have gave us advertisements, suggestions, directly or indirectly.

Come and visit us and we will show you what is the stone market.

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